The Challenge

For the last eight years the Heavy Metal Truants have been doing an annual charity cycle ride from London to Download Festival set upon the hallowed heavy metal grounds of Castle Donington. Open to all, our charity ride has seen metal fans, bands, and industry types getting on their bikes and raising £681,500 in the process.

We were heartbroken to see Download Festival cancelling this year – a decision which we of course fully support. We weren’t happy to sit this year out though. Our chosen charities, all of which work hard to support children and young people, need our support now more than ever, so we’re calling on all metalheads from around the world to join us in the name of heavy metal.

As it’s the 40th anniversary of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, what better with which to honour Lemmy than to call it the Eighth Of Spades!

The Plan

Between June 1st and in the run-up to June 12th, the weekend of Virtual Download Festival, we want you to get in the saddle and join us on a virtual ride, walk or run. Just your legs, or anything with pedals which you can log on Strava is fine – actual bikes, smart trainers, or simple exercise bikes: if you can log the miles on Strava, you can join the challenge.

If you are going outside on a real bike though we ask that you do so safely and according to government guidelines!

This isn’t about the distance – it’s about the fundraising, and anyone who completes the minimum distance is automatically entered into the roll-call of legends known as the Heavy Metal Truants, but there are always a few maniacs who want to take it a little further, so with that in mind…

The Three Cycles Of Hell

The Road Crew



…or the precise distance between Hammersmith and Donington, taking in the metal sites of East London before venturing out into the British hinterland, and the average mileage for the first seven HMT rides.

The Bomber



Because anyone who knows anything about Lemmy knows that he loved a double




because every party, gig, and indeed bike ride always has to have that guy or girl who takes it that much further