The Dedicated Few: Andy Hunns

In a series dedicated to our Dedicated Few – riders who’ve made the annual pilgrimage with us every year since day 1 – Andy shares some of his favourite war stories.

I got involved via Howard Johnson who rode on the Truants rides and he introduced me to Rod, who I had known, albeit just to say hello to. Once Rod knew I was interested in the first Heavy Metal Truants ride, then I was effectively in!

From that day onward I have loved every minute of the Heavy Metal Truants crusades each year and now as a proud committee member and finisher of all 5 rides thus far, the sense of brotherhood and achievement these rides create never ceases to amaze me.


anything we can do to beat this disease then you can sign me up now


Andy’s riding with us once again, would you like to help him get there?

I’ve lost quite few people to cancer in my life and one little boy in particular who was incredibly close and anything we can do to beat this disease then you can sign me up now. Any children’s charities deserve all the help we can give, so if riding a bike every year to a heavy metal festival with 50 odd crazy lunatics is the help we give then that is good enough for me.

The worst part of the five years was definitely the weather on year one. It was like Thor wasn’t happy with us so he sent down a bombardment of rain and hail and winds that really tested our resolve, but we got through it and I genuinely think that set the bar for these rides, because the weather has no place in our thoughts, just raising the money and helping the kids. The best part I’ve kind of touched on, it’s the brotherhood, the spirit and the camaraderie that this ride gives you that really makes it what it is, and of course watching someone each day get the tassels and the gloves of shame!