We are cyclists. runners. walkers. metalheads. heavy metal truants.

Raising money for vulnerable children.


I’ve never been one of those people who can go into a group, the majority of which I do not know..but once the camaraderie set in and everyone realised they were there for exactly the same reasons..that was it.

Emma Donoghue

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2021 Toolkit

Welcome, Heavy Metal Truant So you've signed up, you're raring to go and to get fundraising. Here are the next steps and tools to make your 2021 event a success.

The Ultimate Fundraising Guide

Before you hit the road, here are some fantastic ways to encourage your friends and family to sponsor you.

Free Cycle Training Guide

Everyone has their own physical and mental abilities, goals and aspirations; therefore, devising your own training programme personal to your needs will be the key to your success.

Fundraising Tips

Read our in-depth guide to fundraising with top tips from our charity partners