In the annals of Heavy Metal Truantdom there are a few souls approach us about doing a one-off challenge in our name.

These challenges so far exceeds the normal bounds of our pre-defined challenges, all of which we consider exceptional efforts, that it seems right and proper that we make up a special category just for them, and we encourage anyone thinking of doing something shall we say, ‘unique,’ to please get in touch with us first.

Don’t get us wrong, we take great pride that we attract such intensely mad individuals, but it’s important to us that safety is of key concern to anyone undertaking a custom challenge in the name of HMT.

Take Will Moore for instance, who climbed the Matterhorn in our name, or indeed Jack Thomas who summited the equivalent of Everest by cycling up and down the same hill countless times. Pure, brave buffoonery, really — we salute them. It’s difficult to know precisely what defines a feat of exceptional Truancy, but the best barometer we could think of was, ‘does it make you slowly back away?’, or, ‘does it make you mouth the letters, W, T, and F?,’ or perhaps most importantly, ‘is it something our friend and longtime supporter Brian Blessed would do?’

This year, three of our returning HMTs have decided to undertake an exceptional challenge — 200 miles in a single day. You can support them or any of our Heavy Metal Truants here, and think of them when they undertake this truly exceptional feat!

We encourage anyone considering a feat of exceptional truancy to get in touch — we want to support your unique effort, we wan’t you to do it safely, and GORDON’S ALIVE.