Virtual Event

1st June to 14th June 2024

Go the distance however you choose

  • Cycle

    using home exercise equipment or a personal bike

  • Run or Walk

    on treadmill or trail. You set your own pace

  • Custom Challenges

    Mountaineers and swimmers and rowers, oh my! Want to take on your own challenge? Contact us

Physical Event

12th, 13th & 14th June 2024

Join the road crew, cycling the full original challenge distance over 3 days

Click here for full details of the physical ride


The Donington

175 miles // 280 km

The original crucible – the precise distance between London and Donington following our traditional route via some lovely countryside and pubs.

The Bomber

333 Miles // 536 km

A proper mission! In honour of Lemmy, who always loved a double.

The Ride of the Beast

666 miles // 1072 km

The ride of the Beast. Woe to you, who commits to this challenge.

The Trooper

1000 miles // 1610 km

The bugle sounds and the charge begins! A truly epic distance only to be undertaken if you’re truly in peak condition. 



66.6 Miles// 107KM

Whether you crush miles riding singletrack, or you prefer to get your kicks ripping downhill laps at your local bike park, shred your way through the hills with this epic mountain-bike challenge.

Nb: So, you might be wondering why we developed a separate ride for our mountain bikers that covers fewer miles than any of our normal HMT cycling challenges. Maybe they are a soft bunch and need a little extra help to get moving? We kid, we kid! Whether riding cross country (XC), trail, enduro, or downhill (DH), mountain bikers navigate rugged, obstacle-laden terrain full of roots, rocks, drops, jumps, and the occasional wild animal. While road cyclists pedal their way up long uphill climbs, heads down, grinding away, mountain bikers take on technical climbs and rowdy descents through rock gardens, trees, and whatever else the trail throws at them. In short, it takes longer to crush miles riding over technical terrain in the woods than it does riding on pavement. Let’s rally our fellow metalhead mountain bikers in the name of heavy metal and shred some trails for a worthy cause!

Walkers and Runners

The Snaggler

35 miles // 56 km

Named after Motörhead’s Snaggletooth: walk, run, or hike your way into the annals of heavy metal history.

The Bomber

50 miles // 80 km

If you’re truly up for an epic challenge, then this distance: equivalent to the first leg of the HMT cycle to Donington, is epic as it gets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking part in a charity challenge is a big commitment and we want to make sure you’re fully prepared. Here’s a round up of our most frequently asked questions.

Signing Up


We welcome people from all age groups. Participants have been aged between 18-70+ and have travelled from all corners of the globe to join us.


Everyone who signs up for HMT charity challenges has two things in common – a love of metal and the desire to help those less fortunate. People from all walks of life take part which makes for an interesting and diverse group of fellow participants. Most people who sign up for the first time don’t know anyone else beforehand: by the end, you’ll be part of a brother and sisterhood that spans the globe!


You will need to undertake regular physical training in the weeks leading up to the event. choose the level of challenge that you undertake. If 175 miles of cycling is enough of a challenge for you, then stick with it. If 1000 miles is more your speed, then good luck!! The idea is to push yourself and of course, push those donations.


For The Virtual Ride, there is no maximum limit- In 2020, our first Virtual ride had just under 400 people from over 35 countries taking part. We actively support you getting to know fellow riders through our social channels, and we’ll also host Livestreamed HMTV shows on Youtube for you to get to know us and of the larger characters involved and the all important charities.


Heavy Metal Truants was established in 2013 to fundraise for four charities who support services to children in the UK: Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, ChildLine/NSPCC, Teenage Cancer Trust, and Save the Children. All fundraising goes through The Truants Foundation and is split equally between the four charities.


Raising funds is one of the toughest parts of a charity challenge. However, it is possible to reach and even exceed the sponsorship target as many participants have proved. Here on the Heavy Metal Truants’ website there are ideas to give you some inspiration. Our core of regular participants can also offer you their top tips.


For the virtual ride, there is no minimum level, but of course we hope you’ll raise as much as possible to support our children’s charities.


Physical – Charity challenges incur costs for travel, accommodation, food, staff etc., the registration fee contributes towards these costs, the balance is covered by your sponsorship funds unless you choose to cover the balance personally and all funds raised above this will go directly to support the four charities. 

For the Virtual event, there are no challenge costs incurred so 100% of your fundraising will reach the charities. 


The challenge of taking part starts months before departure due to the fundraising and
training involved. Once on the challenge the physical exertion of cycling long distances and being in the saddle for up to 8 hours a day is not to be under-estimated, particularly if you’re doing it around working hours as many of our HMTs do. The experience is often outside most people’s comfort zone. However, the personal satisfaction of overcoming these physical and emotional barriers and benefiting the charities we support is fantastic.

About Heavy Metal Truants


Since 2013, Heavy Metal Truants (HMT) has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of charity, uniting metal-heads, bands, and industry icons to raise over £1.3 million for children’s charities. From Monster Rock Auctions to sizzling Heavy Metal Curries, our fundraising groove never stops.

Our iconic annual 150-mile cycle ride from London to the sacred heavy metal realm of Castle Donington and Download festival in June is our ultimate pilgrimage!

Even a pandemic couldn’t silence our roar or keep us off our bikes. In 2020, when Download Festival had to hit the brakes, we didn’t miss a beat. We went virtual, welcoming walkers, runners, and epic stretch targets for cyclists worldwide. The spirit caught fire, and it became our biggest event ever. In 2021, we broke the £1 million milestone. In 2022 we added £160k to our total, 2023 brought in another £151k, bringing our overall fundraising total to a staggering £1,359,500! Now – we’re revving up for HMTXII!

Our chosen charities, champions for children and young people, need our support more than ever. That’s why we’re rallying metal-heads worldwide to join us in the name of heavy metal once again!

Every year has a theme and choosing the theme for our 12th year needed very little consideration. Get ready for HMTXII: The Dirty Dozen! Our reasons? Well, HMT organiser Alex Milas IS our Lee Marvin. Will this be our “Fatal Mission”?! The only way to find would be to join us…


Between 1st-15th June we invite you to enter the annals of Heavy Metal Truants fame with challenges from cycling, walking, running, and more. We support both digital and physical challenges, and all proceeds from your fundraising will go to Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline, Nordoff Robbins and Save the Children: they’ve been devastated by these troubled times and they kept going, so we’re going to keep going too – join us. We’re not the messiahs, but we can make a difference.

Participation in the digital challenges is free: sign up, log into Strava, and get sweating once we’ve begun our challenge in June. Participation in the physical challenge – a three-day cycle to from London to Download Festival in June, costs £600 (starting with a £105 deposit). 100% of this registration fee will go toward paying for all costs associated with the ride — things like food, hotels, medical and medical and mechanical support, and a hire bike if you need one. You’ll also gain a guest pass to Download Festival for the full weekend!

Any questions? Read our FAQ! Otherwise, sign up today!